Monday, June 4, 2007

We would shout and swim about...

The last few days we have had the company of Paul Allen's yacht Octopus. This is not your ordinary yacht - it's the 5th largest in the world, comes with a crew of 60, 2 helicopters, a basketball court, etc, etc... And it is just one of three yachts that the billionaire Microsoft co-founder keeps on the move around the world.

Paul is not on it though. He only shows up a couple of times a year and this is not one of those times.

Moon over Octopus
The crew seem to really enjoy their stay in Yap - diving, taking tours on the island and having a few local beers on the Mnuw while the moon rises over the Octopus.

When they head out of here on Wednesday they plan to go down to Ngulu and do a few dives there. I wouldn't mind joining them - apparently there is plenty of large fish life and quite a few tiger sharks in the waters of Ngulu.

The Octopus in Yap

More photos over on Flickr.

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