Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Rainin in Paradize

Not that many thrilling things happening right now. Trying to get some work done. Moving from my hotel room to an apartment on the hotel properties. Not the one that I was previously meant to move to. Will be nice to be able to do some cooking.

Matt Ruff's Bad Monkeys was well worth the wait. Strongly recommended. I even took to the unusual physical format of the book after a while. Also read Nineteen Seventy Four, by David Peace. Very good as well, if you like modern British noir. Can't see how I missed that one when it first appeared in 1999. Ordered Nineteen Seventy Seven, the next part in his Red Riding Quartet, yesterday. His new Tokyo trilogy looks promising as well, but I will wait for the paperback edition of Tokyo Year Zero.

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Anonymous said...

hej bror, hör av dig. Håkan