Sunday, November 25, 2007

Heavy Weather

Seems like I might be doing some storm chasing this week. Typhoon Mitag* is currently hitting the northern Philippines, while a new typhoon is forming north of Yap, also destined for the Philippines.

Hopefully, this will not interfere with my flight out of here to Manila on Wednesday.

If all goes according to plan, I will land in Stockholm at 9 in the morning on Thursday the 29th. First thing after landing, I will be off to see my hairdresser...

After that, things are still a bit chaotic. Hopefully it will all be sorted out before I leave, including return tickets, somewhere to stay in central Stockholm during the visit and a few days in Bali on the trip back to Yap.

More to come...

*) If this sounds familiar to some of you, Yap was hit by a typhoon in 2002 than was also called Mitag. I have no idea why they re-use the names so frequently.

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Anonymous said...

Hej bror, trevligt att se dig i Sverige igen. Du får gärna använda vårt gästhus om du vill när du är i Stockholm. Egen ingång, dusch mm.
Annars får du väl kolla om du får återta din säng, ryktena säger att Olle sover mest hos flickvännen.