Sunday, February 10, 2008

Walk The Line

This week I've been playing around a bit with my GPS, my photos and Google Earth. I thought I'd try to show you a bit more of how it actually looks here, rather than posting photos of things I find interesting.

If you have Google Earth installed and follow this link - Sidewalking - you should get a pathway and photos from a walk I took after work a few days ago. You can animate the path of the walk by clicking on the "play" symbol top right, or by dragging the slider. Clicking on the camera symbols will show you a photo from that location. You can also click on images in the "Waypoints" listing on the left.

I do this walk most days after work. And when I'm not busy taking photos, I usually do it a bit quicker... It's not obvious from Google Earth, as their height information is way off, but the walk up to the top of the hill is quite steep in places so it's quite a good exercise.

Soundtrack: Supersuckers - Roadworn and Weary

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