Saturday, May 26, 2007


Having arrived in Yap at 2:30 yesterday morning, I have been real busy for two days.

After a few hours of sleep, a cup of coffee and some wonderfully warm and moist weather, I met Bill and Patricia Acker who where just leaving for a graduation show rehearsal in Gagil Village.

After that it was back to the hotel and getting acquainted with the computer set-up at the hotel. In the evening, there was a party on the Mnuw, the Indonesian pinisi that serves as a restaurant at Manta Ray Bay Hotel.

It was a great party with nice people and lots of beer from the hotel's micro brewery.

All dressed up
Most of the day today was spent learning about the network wiring, how the humidity breaks it down, and other aspects of dealing with electronics in the tropics. In the late afternoon I joined some hotel guests on a tour of Kaday Village. Having been there before it was a real pleasure to come back. It is a lovely little village and the kids are really, really great doing their dances.

Returning to the hotel the same guests offered me my first samplings of regular and blackened sashimi on this trip. Made with wahoo freshly caught the same day... food for the gods.

That's about it for now... if you want to check out some photos, please visit my Flickr pages.

Taboch gow*,


(* Yapese for beginners: Mogething - Hello; Taboch Gow - See you later; Kammagar - Thank You)

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