Friday, June 29, 2007

Gone fishin'

Heading for Hunters BankYesterday, we went fishing.

We headed out for Hunters Bank, a seamount 30 kilometers north of Yap, at five in the morning. As it is summer, we expected calm seas, but they actually turned out to be quite rough, so we where soon soaked in salt water. As we arrived at Hunters, it got even worse, so after an hour of fishing we turned back to Yap and spent the day trolling the leeward western side of the island.

Larry at the reelWe didn't catch much fish, but we did get a couple of Wahoos, a couple of Barracudas and three quarters of a big Yellowfin Tuna. The yellowfin required a lot of work on the reel. After it was landed it was obvious why - the tail part was missing. A shark had been fighting to keep the tuna to himself. You could actually see the teeth marks.

On the way back we where joined for a short while by a pod of dolphins playing under the bow. They left before I had a chance to get a good photo though.

All in all a very nice day.

Getting back to the hotel, washing away the salt and sunblock, putting on dry clothes and going for some fresh Wahoo sashimi wasn't too bad either...

Wahoo and barracuda


Unknown said...

You wrote that you headed fishing at five in the morning!!!???
Who are you and what have you done to Patrik?

Patrik Nilsson said...