Sunday, March 9, 2008

Back to school

Went diving today.

Schooling BarracudaBad luck with the first dive - should have been perfect conditions to see the mantas, with new moon and high outgoing tides. But for some reason we have experienced large surges for a few weeks that causes bad visibility in the channels. So, we only saw one manta and not much else...

For the second dive, we went south, down to Magic Kingdom. Much better - decent visibility, beautiful corals, a close encounter with a turtle and a large school of barracudas.

Schooling BarracudaI am a sucker for large schools of fish in general, and barracudas in particular. The way the school moves around and change form like it's one large organism is fascinating and beautiful.

So, a good opportunity to try out my new wide-angle adapter for my underwater housing. I was quite pleased with it. Not as happy with the new underwater strobe, but hopefully I will figure it out next time.


Sånger från nedre botten said...

Om du undrar varför din kommentar försvann hemifrån mig berodde det på att du var ofin nog att använda mitt namn. Bloggen är ännu anonym.

Patrik Nilsson said...

Åh f-n. Hade ingen aning.

Sånger från nedre botten said...

Det är lugnt, det är knappt jag vet om det själv;-)