Monday, March 17, 2008

And we don't know, just where our bones will rest

To dust I guess...

I've been listening to the new Caesars album for a while now. Strangely, for an old fan like me, out of 25 songs, there is only one that I really like so far - Strawberry Weed. Problem is, the main reason I like that one is the guitar sound and the riff. A riff and a sound that sounds very, very familiar to my ears. For almost a week, I've been trying to figure out where I've heard it before. Today it hit me - it's straight out of Smashing Pumpkins' 1979!

Now that I've figured that out, I am listening to 1979 over and over, rather than Strawberry Weed...

Sorry Caesars, but you borrowed too much from too great a song without contributing enough new greatness to it.


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