Wednesday, June 18, 2008

New Guitar In Town

There is a new guitar in town.

A brand new cherry red limited edition Epiphone Wilshire to be more specific... This is an official Gibson/Epiphone reissue of the original 1965 Wilshire model that I already own.

While not an exact copy, it's quite close. Considering I payed twice as much for the original 25 years ago, I'm really happy with the purchase.

Meanwhile, the 65 original is off to the guitar shop for some long overdue service and repair.

Still looking for a shop stocking the alpine white version of the reiusse. (Musician's Friend does not, regardless of what they claim on Amazon.)

Update 2008-11-23:

Eventually got the Alpine white this week. While I like the white paint job, I am quite disappointed in the quality of the wood work. Where the Cherry Red re-issue stayed quite close to the original body, with very rounded forms, the Alpine White is just a flat piece of wood.

Where the original reminded you of a Stratocaster, the Alpine white is more of a Telecaster.

I guess I might get used to it, but I can't see why Epiphone decided to make this change.

Update 2009-11-08:

Epiphone has released another Wilshire re-issue. This time they refer to it as a Wilshire 1966. Got mine this week.

I got the worn black version as I already have a cherry colored one.

First impressions - they got the details right this time. The body is quite similar to the original, the inlays in the fretboard are dots rather than squares and, finally, the humbuckers are the mini model rather than the standard sized ones.

Not impressed by the Epiphone quality control though. There is a very annoying buzz on the A and E strings. It'll probably require a neck adjustment and/or filing downs some frets.



Anonymous said...

I bought my Wilshire in 1975. It doesn't go out on the road with me any more. Great recording axe, though. Am I seeing the photo correctly -- does the re-issue come with full-sized as opposed to mini-humbuckers?

Patrik Nilsson said...

Yes, the reissue comes with full-sized humbuckers. I assume it is to save a few dollars.

Anonymous said...

Music 123 carries the Alpine white for 299. I got mine last year for 249. Worth the money.


Patrik Nilsson said...

Thanks Greg! They seem to be waiting for it to be restocked, but I think I'll preorder one.

iMadrid said...

You can't believe what people throw out in the trash.

My dad found an guitar that appears to match the Epiphone Wilshire body and routing. But the Neck is 3+3 tuners not 6 in line. Bolt in Neck. I wonder if the guitar is a fake or the real deal? The neck says Epiphone. It could be a replacement neck.

I haven't examined the guitar yet. Dad is in San Francisco and me in Manila. We had a video chat on Skype just a moment ago.

My Dad and I was debating if its worth restoring. I said I want it and i'll fix it up as a hobby. In America people just throw away stuff if when they are broken. Since its cheaper to buy a new one than fix it.

The only thing I cant fix is the Neck. I see missing dot inlays and broken tuners. I need a luthier to do a fret job and fix that.

BTW all the hardware are missing. I think I saw the remains of a Vibrato tailpiece there. I will go for a fixed Tuneomatic for tuning reliability

For the amount of work and parts needed to fix the guitar. I understand why people would throw this guitar away.

Patrik Nilsson said...

Hi iMadrid.

Does it look similar to these:

If so, it is probably a Japanese made Epiphone Crestwood from the mid-70s.


iMadrid said...

@Patrick Nilsson

Yes the guitar looked like the Japanese reissue. Did they come with mini-humbuckers?

I have tracked down difficult to find Crestwood/Wilshire parts Pickguard for $29 at eBay. Truss rod cover $10. Thats $45 already. It says they are 60' Crestwood/70's Wilshire reproductions.

If add in the shopping lists Tuneamatic Bridge & Tailpiece. 2 pickups, 2 pickups, 4 pots, 3 way toggle switch, 3+3 Tuners, strap mounts. The cost are getting expensive. I still need a guitar tech to install a bridge. Add a dot inlay and hope it wont need a refret.

Considering Epiphone has just reissued the Wilshire and its $299 now @ I wonder if this is still a practical project?

But the thing that attracts me to this guitar is the unique body and mini humbuckers. The cheapest I can find are from GFS at $30-35 each.

Patrik Nilsson said...
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Patrik Nilsson said...


If possible, ask your dad if there is a serial number on the back of the head, and if so what it is. Should make it easier to track down what model it is, and if it's worth the work and money involved in restoring it.

Unknown said...

Hey, I was wondering if these crestwood reissues have the exact same neck dimensions as the old japanese crestwoods. I have a crestwood body with all original hardware and a rare wraparound bridge, but the neck is missing :(

edythifft said...
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