Thursday, March 20, 2008

Back in noir

Just a note for those who, like me, have been waiting for the new Jack O'Connell novel.

Well, it took 10 years, but it's finally here!. My copy of The Resurrectionist actually arrived on my desk this morning.

I had to order it from Barnes & Noble though, as Amazon insisted that it would take 3 weeks to deliver, even though they had it in stock...

Trusting the Strand Magazine review, I am looking forward to a great read:

"A masterpiece, O'Connell's tour de force has a dose of the uncertainty of Kafka, the fantasy of Bradbury, the crisp prose of Greene, and the noir of Chandler."

If you are in Los Angeles on April 30th, you can meet not only Jack, but also James Ellroy, who is determined that this will be Jack's breakthrough novel:


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