Friday, April 11, 2008

Dog's Life

Dog's LifeI love Yap, but...

What Yap needs, part 1 - A Veterinarian.

For an island population of around 10 000 people, there are quite a few dogs, pigs, cats, poultry and other domestic animals in Yap. But there is no veterinary. Except for yearly visits from Guam for a day or two, we are veterinary-less.

Apart from the major problem of having no-one around to diagnose and take care of sick animals, this also means that there is no one in Yap that can neuter animals. Which means that there are a lot of stray animals. Especially dogs. A lot of them. Stray dogs. Starving.

Dog's LifeIf you seriously want to attract tourists, you do not handle that problem by once a year killing off dogs that don't have collars, so:

What Yap needs, part 1 = A Veterinarian.

Part 2 coming up.


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