Monday, April 21, 2008

Then I'm gonna go out walking...

Walking the Tamilyog TrailYesterday, we walked the Tamilyog Trail.

Tamilyog is an old trail that connects the western and the eastern sides of the island. Parts of it is ancient stone paths through the jungle, parts a grassy path through green hills.

When modern roads where built on Yap and cars became common, the trail was abandoned and neglected. It was restored and reopened in January 2004, just to be severly damaged by the typhoon Sudal a few months later. Repairs where completed in July 2005 though and Tamilyog is now popular with both locals and visitors.

Walking the Tamilyog TrailIt was three really nice kilometers of walking, with excellent views, close encounters with island nature and beautiful reminders of the ancient Yapese culture.

I'll have to do this again before I leave.

You can check out the trail in Google Earth here. More photos can be found here.


Completely unrelated - trying to teach Google a new word - fruktbattar.

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